Malta Eureka is the ultimate destination for full Digital Marketing Services in Malta. With a track record of excellence and a team of experts, Malta Eureka is a one-stop-shop for optimizing your online presence. From keyword research to content and technical optimization and backlink strategies, Social Media Marketing and PPC.

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  • 2012
    The Idea
    After almost ten years of working in various large international companies, the idea was born to unite our knowledge, skills and energy for our own digital agency. We came together with the desire to be at the service of businesses at home and abroad, in their quest to grow and develop.
  • 2016
    Research, Analytics and HR
    After a month of business research, strategy drawing and business organization, we launched our project called MaltaEureka™. Step by step we attracted proven specialists with a good reputation and reviews. And above all with a desire to participate in something personal and satisfying.
  • 2018
    The Business Concept
    At MaltaEureka™, we have gathered in one office experienced front-end & back-end developers, SEO and SEM specialists, certified Google AdWords experts, marketing specialists in social networks, professional copywriters, bloggers, web designers, etc.
  • 2021
    Company Organization
    In a short time we managed to create a business organization and procedures. We are happy that in a few months we managed to take on a dozen projects for work: design and construction of online stores, websites for SEO and advertising. With skillful management, professionalism and a dash of passion, the first projects were successful and brought more assignments.
  • 2024
    Working at Full Speed
    After the summer holidays and vacations, the impulse to work took over us and since then we have been taking on regular tasks to build all kinds of websites, platforms and e-shops. It was with some surprise that we discovered the growing need for quality site optimization. That’s why we’ve brought in excellent SEO and SEM specialists. This is how we can respond with professionalism to this challenge.

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